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ERYING Gaming PC Motherboard Embed 11th Core Kit I5 CPU 0000 1.8Ghz ES OnBoard Processor(Refer To i5 11400H I5 11260H) 24*18CM


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ERYING Gaming PC Motherboard Embed 11th Core I5 Kit CPU 00001.8Ghz ES OnBoard Processor(Refer To i5 11400H i5 11500H) 24*18CM

Important information:

1. Intel HM570 chipset is not compatible with the integrated graphics function of Legacy mode WINDOWS. Therefore, it is recommended that you install a win10_64bit WINDOWS with UEFI (or win11_64bit WINDOWS) . If a win10_64bit WINDOWS (or win11_64bit WINDOWS) has been installed, use it with discrete graphics card.

2. When your computer has discrete graphics card with a laptop version of the GPU, PC crashes during stress tests using software like Cinebench,AIDA64 and CPU-Z. This problem has nothing to do with our motherboard. The reason is that the BIOS of your discrete graphics card has been changed for higher operating frequency.

3. Virtualization:

We already asked factory and many engineers .

Everyone says it is compatibility issues and no anyone can handle it.

The only solving way is: Shut down and restart.

And Actually,some customers can achieve this Virtualization function, while others not.

So, for this problem, we really not have ways to handle for you.


Hyper-V problem does not appear in Linux, only in Windows.

Then it is a lack of communication of something on the board with the Windows system.

In Linux Hyper-V is activated automatically and there are no problems.

About the bios update suggestions, we need explain that: Bios modifications is not so easy, we have much difficulty. Before we start selling this motherboard, we need test and adjust the bios over thousands of times.If change or modify the bios, it will cause the motherboard can’t start or many problems.This is really not a easy thing, Hope you can understand.

4.Our official website has the driver package and BIOS file (including refresh tool) for download.

If necessary, please contact us to download from our official website.

Dear buyers,

This listing is for a desktop motherboard with embedded high performance CPU on it.

The CPU on the board is soldered (similar to that on laptop).

You don’t need to buy an extra CPU for this motherboard.

The CPU on this motherboard is:

11th Core Tiger Lake-H CPU 0000 ES 1.8GHz 6Cores 12Threads 18Mb Cache.

It’s such a high performance CPU that it can be used for gaming, video editing,office work, etc.

It’s lower cost but good alternative to i5-11400 i5-10400 i5-11500 i5-10500 i5-11400F.

A regular CPU cooling fan for Intel LGA115X( LGA1150 LGA1151,LGA1155,LGA1156, LGA1200,LGA1366,LGA17XX) (6 heat-pipes) will also fit for this motherboard.

And Water-cooling or Air-cooling radiators are also fit. We suggest to use a 4 or 6 heat pipes or 120 water-cooling tubes to ensure the strong output of this motherboard.

RAM Compatibility Problems Before Buying:

Our motherboard can support the highest 3200Mhz frequency RAM.

But please only choose those famous brand and genuine quality 3200Mhz with real DDR4 PC4-25600 3200Mhz chipset(Set 1.35v operating voltage and X.M.P1 in bios).

If you’re not sure other brand RAM, Then Please buy the RAM in our store(which is compatible with market 90% DDR4 RAM motherboard), and is customized for all our motherboards.

We already setted well, using together with our motherboard, It can reach into 3200Mhz.

Following is our RAM and other Hot-sales Motherboards, Please Click

To sum up, customers who have too high and excessive requirements, Please not place order!

Additional information

Brand Name




Onboard LAN

1x RJ45, WIFI (AC)

Maximum Ram Capacity

64 GB

Processor compatibility

11th Intel Core i5

With CPU


Support Memory Type


Number of PCI


Storage Interface Type

SATA, SATA 2, M.2 (NVMe)



RAID Supported




Chipset Manufacturer


Back I/O Ports

1x RJ45, WIFI, VGA(D-Sub), COM, 6 x USB 2.0, HDMI 1.0

PCI - E standards

PCI – E 4.0

Socket Type


Special Function


Usage Scenario

Enthusiast & Overclocking, Gaming, Audio & Video, Office, Video Production


Mainland China

Number of PCIe x 4


Number of PCIe x 16


Memory channel


Number of SATA Ports


Audio Channels


Quality Certification


Number of PCIe x 1




Form Factor


Number of M.2



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