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Original Germany perixx PERIMICE-718R Wireless Vertical Mouse Vertical programmable optoelectronic ergonomics mouse for big hand


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PERIMICE-718R – Wireless Right Handed Ergonomic Mouse

  • PERIMICE-718 is a wireless 2.4GHz ergonomic mouse, specifically designed for LARGE right-handers, fitting the natural position of palm and wrist muscle while gripping the mouse

  • Recommended for large hand size (Measurement from the base of your wrist / palm to the top of your middle finger over 17.8cm)

  • Easy access to multiple usage through 5 programmable buttons; Instinct three-level sensitivity adjustment of the most widely-used 800/1200/1600 dpi setup; Powerful program offers you 5 programmable buttons and advanced setting

  • On/off switch added; Auto power-saving: Mouse automatically enters power saving mode after 10 seconds of being standby mode, 8-10 minutes of being sleeping mode

This one is simple yet powerful.

Nowadays people become more familiar with the side effects of technology. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome for example, a symptom caused by chronic pressure on the underside of wrists, is a major one. However, it’s just a pity that only few are aware of a fundamental and simple solution: build yourself an ergonomic workplace, starting from your computer mouse.

PERIMICE-718R features three ergonomic design concepts: Vertical design for releasing wrist nerve pressure; Large-hand-friendly for comfortable fingers and palm stretches; Sophisticated layout design for a pleasant gripping curve and easy-reach buttons.

Taking care of your own health can be simple: Choosing a reliable, versatile, and good-looking long-term partner, yes we are still talking about PERIMICE-718R, that’s a big win!

For Large Hands

For hand size larger than 17.8 cm (from the base of your palm to the top of the middle finger), PERIMICE-718R is specifically designed for large hand user to stretch out fingers and the palm comfortably during long hours.
By choosing a proper size of your own mouse, muscle soreness from overly contracting the hand can be well-improved in a long term.

Programmable Feature

5 programmable buttons for main control, advanced setting, and macro manager.

Main control: Assign your own preference to each button including access multimedia, wheel/double click, browser forward/backward, menu, fire button, etc. Easy and intuitive drop-list setup with one-click.

Advanced setting: speed of vertical scroll, pointer, and up to 5 personalized profiles.
Macro manager: customize your macro selection for performance optimization

Ergonomic Vertical Design

Vertical design can let your hand lay in the most natural position without twisting wrist muscles while gripping the mouse.
It has been significantly reported by customers who suffer from RSI (Repetitive Strain Injuries) symptom that vertical ergonomic mouse does help ease the wrist pains and stress.

Additional information

Brand Name



2.4Ghz Wireless


Mainland China

Hand Orientation






Number of Buttons


Power Type




Number of Rollers

1 pcs

Operation Mode


Interface type


Wireless distance

10 meter

Wireless technology


Work way


Optical resolution


Roller number



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